Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beautiful Baihou's villages (美丽的百侯乡村)

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These beautiful picture are taken by Yi-yuan(雨燕)on 17-7-2008. He is from Baihou town( 百侯镇) , Dapu county(大埔县), Kwangdong(广东省), China. His picture had helped me much when I made my trip to my mother's ancestral village of Baihou. I went there with my wife and children. It is a beautiful place, villages located in a valley. It is beside a river and surround by hills, as shown in the photo taken by Yi-yuan.

Thank you for his beautiful photo.

Bride across the river, which separate the houbei village( 侯北村 )and hounan village(侯南村). Houbei villagers are mainly with the surname Xiao, is from Hakka Xiao. Hounam villagers are mainly with surname of Yang.

View of villages from the bridge

Street in Baihou old town

The following photo was taken from a hill near Baihou, called 马佛山

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