Saturday, February 27, 2010

Josephine Siao(蕭芳芳) is the most trusted in Hong Kong

The Reader Digest survey on Hong Kong, who do you trust?, reported that one of our clan Xiao personality is the top in the list. She is Josephine Siao(蕭芳芳,蕭亮). Siu Fong Fong, Siao Liang or Josephine Siao, MBE, a Hong Kong movie star who became popular as a child and continued her success as a mature actress, winning numerous awards including best actress at the 1995 Berlin Film Festival. Since retiring from show business she has become a writer and a psychologist, known for her work against child abuse. She is hearing impaired.

The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF) (Chinese: 護苗基金) was founded in 1998 by Josephine Siao (Ms. Shao Fong Fong), the Founder and the President of ECSAF, an internationally renowned actress and a qualified clinical psychologist with the mission to protect youngsters under 18 from sexual abuse. With the exceptional contribution and vision of Josephine Siao, ESCAF has developed into a well-established non-government charitable organization in Hong Kong with an aim to protect children from sexual abuse.

Reader digest did an online survey for "The Most Trusted Figure" in Hong Kong for the first time. The result of the survey put veteran film star and End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation President Josephine Siao(蕭芳芳,蕭亮) as the winner, beating HK Chinese University Principal Joseph Sung(香港中文大學校長沈祖堯) who came second and Environmental advocate Lee Lok See(探險家李樂詩)who came third. She was top in the list, the most trusted person in Hong Kong, selected from 80 personalities of Hong Kong. Jackie Chan, the popular Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan(成龍,陳港生)was the last at 80th, and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Sir Donald Tsang Yam-Kuen(特首曾蔭權) ranked 76th. This survey reflected that Hong Kong people trusted personality who contributed to social welfare of the community, which is higher than politician. In "The most trusted job industry" category, firefighters came top in the survey whereas fortune tellers are the least trusted.

Josephine Siao(蕭芳芳),the Xiao clan is proud of you.



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