Saturday, June 20, 2009


The video was submitted by a young man with the Xiao surname, for the video L.O.V.E. competition. It was uploaded from youtube...

L.O.V.E programe creates a platform for youth to cultivate creativity to express their love, feelings to their loved ones no matter where they are using modern technologies and techniques, such as a video recording of youngsters doing hip hop dance, rap or a singing of self composed song dedicated to the family members be it your parents, brother, sister, grand mum/dad, auntie/uncle or etc.

Targeted participants aged 15-35 years old encompasses students and working young adults, and also Malaysians who are living and working abroad. Participants are required upload or submit a less than 2 minutes love message video clip on our website,(in English, BM, Tamil or Mandarin) in their most creative ways.

The competition will begin with a launching on the 23 May 2009, closing of submission on 21 June 2009 and end with a celebration function on 27 June 2009 at Tropicana City Mall which include announcement of winners, youth performances, Love Knows No Boundaries (Sharing by Intercultural marriages Family Members), and also video presentation of award winning entries.

Very Seowlang or Seowkia.....

You want to vote for him? competition closed on 21-6-2009, tomorrow. Too late lah , Seowkia.....anyhow if you still insisit, visit the competition web site www.

Note: He won 2nd placing

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