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Dato Siew Ka Wei(萧家伟)

Dato Siew Ka Wei(萧家伟)

Siew Ka Wei(萧家伟), as the meaning of his Chinese name ka-wei(家伟), which means the family's great, he is not only the great son of his father Siew Nim Chee, another famous Xiao in Malaysia. He is the top corporate man in Malaysia from the surname of Xiao family.

Dato Siew Ka Wei is the only son of late Siew Nim Chee(b 1923-d 2008)and Lim Cheng Yoke. Dato' Siew Nim Chee, is the first Malaysian to get into Cornell, a prominent academic, civil servant and corporate figure, who held positions in University Malaya, Bank Negara, Esso Malaysia Bhd, Magnum Corp Bhd and Genting Bhd.

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Operational Research from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

He has extensive working experience in the field of petrochemicals locally and internationally for more than 30 years.

He was the Chairman of the Malaysian Chapter of the Young Presidents Organisation (“YPO”), an international grouping of more than 10,500 chief executive officers and leaders of major companies and organizations over the world. He became a director of the International Board of Directors of YPO in 2000 and served until 2003 during which he was the Chairman of YPO’s Global Leadership Congress held in Beijing, China.

Dato’ Siew is currently the Group Managing Director of Ancom Berhad(from 30-7-2003) Dato' Siew joined the Board on 23 October 1985. and the Deputy Chairman of Ancom Logistics Berhad (formerly known as Tamco Corporate Holdings Berhad).

Dato’ Siew is a substantial shareholder of the Nylex Malaysia Berhad. Joined the Board on 12 October 1999. He became the Group Managing Director on 29 January 2002.

Siew is also a partner at Redberry and Meru Utama, two firms involved in outdoor advertising. Redberry is a media and entertainment group that owns and operates some of Malaysia’s most respected and relevant media properties, delivering integrated communications solutions across multiple media platforms, from TV to out-of-home, retail, print and more. Operators of Bernama TV, Malaysia’s only 24-hour news channel which reaches 3 Million households, Redberry also owns the country’s oldest newspaper, The Malay Mail and the country’s most influential all-business daily, The Malaysian Reserve. As the exclusive concession holder for Malaysia’s major highways and its airports, the out-of-home solutions business, which includes Focus Media, Pointcast and Meru Utama reaches over 900,000 people every day along with millions of visitors to Malaysia every year.(

He was mentioned in the Edge Daily as Newsmaker of the year 2009

Corporate Background

He serves as Deputy Chairman of Tamco Shanghai Switchgear Co. Ltd. He serves as Vice Chairman of Ancom Logistics Berhad and served as its Deputy Chairman since August 20, 2004. He has been a Director of Ancom Logistics Berhad since October 17, 2011. He has been Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad since October 12, 1999. He has been a Director of Ancom Bhd since October 23, 1985. He served as Director of Pato Chemical Industry Public Co., Ltd. since 1998. He served as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of E&O Property Development Bhd (Previously, Kamunting Corporation Berhad) from November 7, 2001 to August 2, 2004 and Eastern & Oriental Berhad since May 28, 1999. From 1998 to 2000, he served as Director of Acron Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

I am not able to obtain his Xiao family ancestry background, I only known the father Siew Nim Chee is from Guangzhou, China. Maybe, Huizhou Hakka Xiao, like the one from Titi, Negeri Sembilan.


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  1. Dato Siew Ka Wei is not the only son of the late Dato Siew Nim Chee. The senior Dato Siew has another son, Siew Ka Kheong.